Eight Gift Ideas for Car Lovers This Holiday Season

November 24th, 2023 by

With Thanksgiving in the books, the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. While it can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect gift, narrowing someone’s interests down to a single field can open a plethora of options. Do you know that your friend or loved one is an avowed auto lover? Adding some gear to their garage is a surefire way to make it onto their nice list this year. 

There are hundreds of car accessories, tools, and cosmetic upgrades available – each one a potential stocking stuffer for the gearhead in your life. Courtesy of Billy Wood Ford, here are eight great auto-themed gifts that caught our eye in 2023. 

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner 

Your car deserves better than a monthly vacuum at the car wash. With this handy, lightweight accessory, which comes with a 16-foot power cord, you can reach every corner and crevice of your car, keeping the interior in pristine condition year-round. It utilizes cyclonic force and strong suction to completely clear dust and debris, and includes flathead, extendable, and brush nozzle attachments. 

Avid Power Cordless Tire Inflator 

Your tires become more susceptible to deflation in winter weather, requiring regular monitoring and maintenance. In fact, your tires run the danger of losing one or two PSI for every 10 degrees it drops outside. Rather than waiting behind a line of cars at the gas station’s lone air pump, ask for this top-of-the-line portable tire inflator this holiday. With its 20V rechargeable Li-ion battery pack power supply, you won’t have to worry about deflated tires hijacking your holiday travels. 

The Sno Brum 

The most effective way to dispatch heavy snow and ice from your windshield this winter is the Sno Brum. With its push-broom design, the 28-to-63-inch extended reach handle allows you to reach every inch of your vehicle. And the Sno Brum guarantees safe snow removal thanks to its Polyethylene, non-abrasive foam head, designed to clear delicate surfaces without leaving scratches. This winter, ensure that your morning commute doesn’t fall victim to the elements by keeping a Sno Brum in your vehicle. 

ZMoon OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool 

Though our service center is always open here at Billy Wood Ford, sometimes you want to diagnose minor vehicle issues yourself without hauling your car to a garage for a professional opinion. This convenient, entry-level diagnostic tool, which is directly powered by your car, allows you to calculate battery voltage, EVAP, engine coolant temperature, and much more. You’ll be able to constantly measure the pulse of your vehicle and quickly identify what’s ailing it. 

Jump-N-Carry JNC325 Jump Starter 

These portable jumper cables are amongst the best on the market. Featuring just two buttons – power and override – the Jump-N-Carry JNC325 can help you effortlessly charge virtually any consumer vehicle. With a 24-inch cable length, it’s compact enough to store in your trunk, ensuring that you won’t be caught dead on the side of the road this winter. 

Chemical Guys HOL169 Car Wash Kit 

A home car wash kit is always a surefire gift idea for any auto obsessive, but finding a kit that’s both comprehensive and reasonably priced can be a challenge. This 16-piece set from Chemical Guys offers a lot of bang for your buck; it includes a detailing bucket, wheel gel, glass cleaner, shine protectant, wet wax, a foam cannon, and much more. Your vehicle will glide into 2024 with a shiny swagger thanks to this detailing kit. 

Forza Motorsport 

The latest entry in the acclaimed racing series Forza, Motorsport features over 500 cars and 20 new tracks. The Forza games have long been renowned for their dedication to realism and technical acumen, and this 13th edition in the series is no exception. Exclusive to XBox and PC, Forza Motorsport was recently named a Game Awards nominee for best sports/racing game of 2023. 

Riparo Motorsports Men’s Half Mesh Leather Driving Gloves 

With the recent explosion of F1’s popularity, stylish driving is experiencing quite a boom in America. These genuine leather, vintage driving gloves are perfect for any would-be or prospective racer in your family. The wrist straps snap comfortably into place, and they come in over a half-dozen color options. You can donate your old gloves to the Salvation Army this Christmas, because once you strap them on, these babies aren’t coming off. 

’Tis The Season 

It’s always gift-giving season here at Billy Wood Ford, thanks to our great selection of new or used vehicles. After you’ve checked every name off your shopping list, make sure you don’t neglect your own wishes! Treat yourself to the gift of a new or used Ford today, and head into the new year feeling very merry indeed.